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Mrs L Downes

Sandling Primary School

We learn together, We achieve together, We have fun together

Pupil Voice


Cross Country Report

We have done 3 cross country races at Mote Park and there were about 120 children in each race. There were a lot of schools taking part and it was really hard. We had to listen to a noise so that we could start the race. We all tried our best and had to run around the course and some people. I liked it!

Isla Year 3

The dates of the cross country races were 20th September, 26th September and the 5th October. In each race there was about 120 children taking part. In the first race I came 5th , the second race I came 11th and in the third race I came 16th. I was the first year 3 and the first Sandling pupil to finish in all three races.

Callie Year 3

Year 5/6 Football Tournament 2016
On Tuesday 11th October, Sandling took part in the Boys football tournament at Swadlands School. We all started with passong the ball in a circle, whilst Max, our goal keeper was warming up. Then we took some shots against him. The teams in our group were: West Borough; St Michaels; Brunswick House; Headcorn; and North Borough. Our results were 0-1 to us against West Borough, then we played North Borough and we drew 1-1. Our next game was against St Michaels and it was 1-0 to us. Then we played Brunswick House and we won 1-0 too. Our last game was a 0-0 draw against Headcorn. We had finished top of our group and so went through to the semi-finals, which we lost 2-1 against Greenfields.

Finley Year 6

On Tuesday 11th October at Swadelands School, Sandling took part in a football tournament. We all felt ready to play and we were fixed on winning. In our group stages were: West Borough; St Michaels; Brunswick House; Headcorn; and North Borough. Before any of the matches started we did some training, some of the training drills were penalties against Max, our goal keeper. There were 17 schools altogether. We came 1st in our group, so we got into the semi-finals but we lost. We hadn’t lost a single match until then.

Austin Year 6


Chris Cook Visit

‘Chris Cook, an Olympic swimmer, came into our school on Monday to inspire us to be whatever we set our mind to and want to be.  I really enjoyed meeting Chris because he was kind and also funny.  He has inspired me to dream big, but start small.  Also, he has taught me that when you set your mind to something you can always achieve it if you try your hardest, “if your dream is big,” he said “it will be hard but if you really want it and are dedicated you will achieve it”.  This really inspired me and taught me never to give up.  Chris Cook, thank you for teaching me that there are no limits to my abilities, and to take risks or you will never know the answers whether it is in school, on Wimbledon tennis on the match point’.

Grace Year 5


Year 6 Visit from Tim Prendergast

‘When Tim Prendergast visited us he spoke truly meaningful words which really inspired me.  In addition to this, because of my interest in running, I found him amazing and learned that by never giving up you can achieve well.’

Keira Year 6.


‘Tim came in and spoke to us about how he became blind and about his life.  He asked us what we wanted to be when we were older and who had inspired us and he told us never to give up.  I found him really inspiring.  It was a wonderful experience.’

Summer Year 6


‘I found the visit really inspiring and it made me carry on trying my hardest with football.  I really enjoyed his visit because he told us how he carried on doing what he wanted to do even though he had a disability.’

Jack Year 6.