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Miss C Coombes

Sandling Primary School

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Class Newsletters

Important school dates and an overview of the curriculum followed each term can be found in the class newsletters.  


Terms 1 & 2
 2S Class Newsletter T1&2 2021.pdfDownload
 5H Newsletter Term 1 + 2 21-22.pdfDownload
 5L Newsletter Term 1 + 2 21-22.pdfDownload
 6A Class Newsletter T1&2 21-22.pdfDownload
 T1 and 2 newsletter 2T.pdfDownload
 T1 and 2 newsletter 3K.pdfDownload
 T1 and 2 newsletter 3Y.pdfDownload
 T1 and 2 newsletter 4B.pdfDownload
 T1 and 2 newsletter 4H.pdfDownload
 T1 and 2 newsletter 6P.pdfDownload
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