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Mrs L Downes

Sandling Primary School

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Parking and Road Safety

There is no spare capacity within the school grounds. There are parking restrictions in Ashburnham Road near the school entrance (No Waiting Mon-Fri between 8-9 am & 3-4 pm) and double yellow lines in places. There are only a limited number of parking places in Downs View Road, Ashburnham Road, and Raymer Road and severe congestion occurs, particularly around 8:15 - 8:45am and 3.00-3.30 pm. Downs Road is a private, unadopted road and should not be used.

To avoid problems, please:

  • walk to school, or part of the way, if you can;
  • stop and drop/collect older children if you can;
  • offer or accept a lift if you can;
  • drive safely;
  • do not reverse into or out of Raymer Road where children may be crossing.There is a turning circle near the end of Raymer Road where you can turn safely;
  • be considerate to residents.

The registration numbers will be taken of any vehicles that park illegally or are driving badly. Any incidents (including offending registration numbers) will be reported in the school’s newsletter. Incidents are also reported to the Police.

The map below shows footpaths to the school from the end of Downs View Road, from Boxley Road and from Brookbank. Parents may find it convenient to park in one of these roads to avoid congestion nearer the School.