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School meals at Sandling Primary School are provided by The Contract Dining Company. Healthy eating menus are planned on a three week cycle and change in line with the seasons, offering an autumn, spring and summer menu.

For further information about The Contract Dining Company visit them at or email at

If your child is in Years R-2 they are entitled to universal free school meals.  The funding means that children have 5 days school dinners or no school dinners and parents provide a packed lunch.

If your child is in Years 3-6 and pays for school dinners they may have a minimum 3 days. 

Regardless of what year your child is in, if you are entitled to free school meals because of financial difficulties you still need to apply as this attracts more funding for your child.  Please contact the office for further details.

Sandling School is a Healthy School and we are very keen to encourage and to teach the children about how they can lead a healthy lifestyle. In Foundation Stage and KS1 all children are provided with a piece of fruit or vegetable for their mid-morning snack. KS2 children bring their own fresh fruit or vegetable snack. All children should have a bottle of water in class that they may drink freely from during the day. These should have a non-spill top. Bottles with the school logo can be purchased from the school office. 

We encourage all children to eat healthily at lunchtime to ensure they are alert and ready to learn in the afternoon. The school catering company provide nutritional and delicious lunches. Crisps, chocolate biscuits and other fatty or processed foods should be an occasional treat if you decide to provide a packed lunch. Guidelines and ideas for healthy packed lunches are available.

Healthier Packed Lunch for Children

60-Second Vegtastic Lunchbox Hacks

The school has a no nut policy. This includes peanut butter in sandwiches as we have a number of children with serious nut allergies. Please note that coconut is not considered a nut. If we believe that a child’s packed lunch contains nuts, we will ask them to eat this part of their lunch separate from any children who have nut allergies. We will also send a note home with the child, to remind their parents/carers that we have a no nut policy. 

Booking School Lunches

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School Lunch Menu

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Please follow the link to ParentPay to book and pay for school meals:

Children's Recipes

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