Sandling Primary School

Year 6 Residential


Every year, children in Year 6 are offered the opportunity to extend their learning beyond the classroom for a for three days.

The children get a real taste of being independent and how to work successfully as a team. The focus of the 3 day visit, is to develop their interpersonal skills, build their self-confidence and to try activities that cannot be provided by a school alone.

The site is modern, almost all activities are based outdoors and all the staff are fully trained for the activities they lead. The children are provided with 3 healthy two-course meals each day with dietary requirements catered for.

The children who attend the residential trip always enjoy it. Some begin confident and some are a little nervous, but by the time we come back, everyone feels they have achieved something and learned something new (including the staff)! We see the children grow within themselves during the visit and this makes it a privilege to supervise. It is an opportunity for them to really find out who they are becoming as a person.

More information will be given to children and parents in term 6 of Year 5.